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New Life Bible Study - Telford


May 2014 found us planting a new work in Telford under the leadership of TJ  and Kimberly Gritts and the direction of Temple. Missionaries Kevin and Sarah Pine joined us and continue to give leadership to this effort.  












                  TJ & Kimberly Gritts                                           Sarah & Kevin Pine

On October 16, 2016, at Temple in Wolverhampton, New Life

baptized their first four members.  

God is blessing the ministry and they moved to a leased

accommodation in the community of Oakengates, Telford in 2017.  


This new meeting place is located on the main road near the

community park and will afford them greater exposure and

opportunity for more ministry.

In July, 2022, New Life organized as in Independent Baptist

Church under the leadership of Bro Kevin Pine.

new life 2023 baptism.jpg
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