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Extension Ministries

Though church planting is our main focus, God has also given us a varied ministry.  As tools in His hands, we rejoice in using our talents for His glory and the promotion of the gospel.  Have a look at these ministries......

Baptist Bible College



BBC is a ministry of the Baptist Bible Fellowship

of Great Britain.  


Initially started in the late '70s by several Baptist missionaries, BBC has been training British students and even international students from Burma, Norway, Ireland, and Korea. Our graduates are scattered around the world serving the Lord.


In 2011, the college relocated to Telford, and Gail and I moved into the role of administration. Gail is currently the college registrar and I am the dean of students.

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Indian Heritage

God has used my Cherokee heritage for the gospel.

I have been privileged to share the heritage of the Cherokee people with numerous civic groups and schools.  As I speak to them about the history of Native Americans, the opportunity to present the gospel is always there as they are curious about why I am in Britain. 

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